Thursday, 10 September 2009

Training update

Day 1 went fine, mainly thanks to my co-host who was a lot more calm and collected than me. I also had brought bribes (cookies and mini-muffins) so that helped a bit as well. The fact that our overall leader came in and 'helped' in the middle might not have helped us as such but did cause a welcome diversion when I was able to read up on the slides ahead.

Two more days. Two more co-hosts to work with. By Tuesday night I shall crack open the vino and celebrate it being over for this time. Next training session I am going to suggest we dont hold til December or January. I need a break.


Eva-L said...

Or plan a few more and become so used to it you won't care.
I'm sure you're doing brilliantly!

Amy said...

Hey Eva, glad all went OK - am following your activities with interest from afar! We missed you at book club!! x

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