Saturday, 4 July 2009


4-10th July - sorting, packing stuff into piles for Air / Ship freight
11th July - leaving do, Hove Lawns / The Sussex (if it rains)
12th July - be hungover
13th July - fly to US for a week and a bit
14-22nd July - work in Stamford
23rd-26th July - pack the last stuff (in a panic I suspect)
27th July - Visa interview with Embassy, am already nervous
29-30th July - moving men arriving, packing our stuff and taking it all away
31st July - we hand over our keys to the tennants and drive to Jo and Chris with the car
1st-15th?? Aug - working here while waiting for news on visa, living at Heidi's first and then moving to Abby's where JD will be a tennant for a few months.

Somewhere in the middle of that we need to freecycle two tv's, a washing machine, a tumble dryer and get a table, some chairs and gardening furniture over to B & S. I get tired just thinking about it. At least the garden is tidy thanks to mum and dad working hard in the heat earlier this week.

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