Monday, 19 October 2009


Just back from a week in the UK. It was great to see everyone and also good to not be here as 1/2 the office were ill. But lo and behold, I land and now I have a cold. Not sure where it came from but have decided to work from home to not spread the germs around. Fingers crossed it will go away soon. Am self medicating with cinnamon rolls from a bake off tube - loooove America.


Angela said...

You know that made me laugh! Cinnamon rolls from a bake off tube is not necessarily what I think of as an American thing to love... But I was obsessed with Dr Pepper (when I was 17 and living in Cairo) as the quintessential American love, so who am I to talk? :)

Evova said...

Yes well its rarely what you are most proud of that your country is best known or loved for. :-) But I do looove the convenience stuff you can get here and nowhere else.

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