Friday, 21 August 2009


I got four boxes delivered today, my air freight. Couldnt remember what I had packed but it turned out to be my golf clubs, all my shoes (incl a lot of winter dito), bedding and loads of CDs / DVDs. Its now spread out all over the living room so its a mess, but hey I still have one room with a router in it and one room with a suit case in it so if I want to feel minimalist I just walk into another room.

Yesterday we had a team build at work, v nice and I even had a few beers after work with the group. Mmmm beer... Today I applied for a social security number (collecting it Monday) and it was soooo hot walking to work. This evening I had to stay and work late as suddenly we had a thunder storm. Cleared the air so I liked walking home afterwards. I cant be bothered walking over to the kitchen to get my handbag so photos from team do will be uploaded later or tomorrow...

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