Tuesday, 13 October 2009


My grandmother (dad's mum) passed away on Sunday night, all very peacefully in her sleep with my dad, mum and aunt by her side.

Granny was a fiercly independant woman who I was quite afraid of as a kid but grew to appreciate all the more the older I got. She was a great story teller and I will quite often re-tell one of her stories or quote her to friends. She had lots of stories to tell us and I regret not asking more questions, like how it was to get a divorce in the early 50's and moving to Thailand leaving the kids behind and the background to the summer house neighbours' nicknames (The Arsonist, Slips-Nisse, The Grave Digger).

Like my other granny she cooked great food but unlike mum's mum the portion sizes were significantly smaller. As kids we would stop on the way to visit her to have a burger as my parents knew her lunch would be very meager. But she made the best pannbiff (kinda like meatballs but in patties and with onion in the mix) in the world.

Ask me for a story next time we meet - I have loads that I do remember and need the practise so one day I can be as good a story teller. I'll tell you over a glass of wine on the veranda.


fru a said...

å, så tråkigt! jag lyssnar gärna på historier på en veranda (min? eller uteplats då!) i framtiden. kram!

Eva-L said...

Vad tråkigt, Eva. Jag har redan hört en del av historierna, men lyssnar gärna mer:)

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear your sad news. Big hug and I want to hear all the stories over a large glass of vino in celebration of her life. Kisses B x