Sunday, 20 September 2009


Autumn is here at last! The leaves have started to turn so New England should soon be at its prettiest.

A friend and I went to a clam bake on Thu night to Sheffield island and had some fab, fab food. Loved the local lobster, dipping the meat in melted butter while protected by a giant bib. Photos are from the island.

Today I went to my first yoga class here in the US. It was tough but fun. So fingers crossed I will make it out of bed tomorrow and back to the class on Tue night.

Autumn is great for so many reasons, the leaves being just one. Another is that red wine is what I fancy when the autumn chills set in. Ideally served with a nice stew. And also that autumn is the time to start new things. Must hark back to the whole 'starting school' routine we went through for so many years. Autumn is when I miss Uppsala and our life there, being a student, sitting at OG drinking red wine with friends and then being able to crawl across the yard back to the dorm. I dont miss being skint, studying or hangovers. My memory skips those bits.


Eva-L said...

Looks lovely. I miss tha hanging out at any time too. But we can drink lots of red wine in October.

Evova said...

Will stock up on Torres Corona.

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