Thursday, 27 August 2009


Am hoping to get our stuff this weekend, was told yesterday it has passed through customs and is on its way to the storage depot. So the depot owners should be calling me any time now to arrange the delivery. I was hoping they would call today but nope so far.

Tomorrow I am off to secure the last bit (I hope) of admin to get my car. I am hoping I will be able to collect it on Monday. JD arrives next Thursday and it would be nice to have a bed by then as well as a car to pick him up in.

Will be very nice to have a bed. While I love this sofa bed I kind of miss having a bed and a separate sofa. Dont miss a lot of the other stuff so am a bit worried about what I will do with it all. Am thinking just stuffing it all in JD's wardrobe is a good idea...

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