Wednesday, 8 July 2009

House work

I am slowly trying to empty our house. Certain items have disappeared. The upstairs tv and digi box. Two bags of booze handed over to my boss. A paitning, some material and wine waiting in the back of my car for my friend Louise to come back from holiday. Today our shoe cupboard was handed over to some man sent by his wife to pick up to store his smelly shoes in. Tomorrow I hope someone will come and pick up a bed side table and a sack of cables (all of course in a mess as cables have a life of their own and expertly intertwine as if by magic).

I am thinking microwave to go next. And some more clothes. Then B has promised to take dining table and chairs, and washing machine. And the main tv will go to the same family who picked up nr 1 (they have four kids who all want to watch tv / play computer games.) By end of month we should have a more compact home to move. But we still have absolute tons of stuff. I want to have a Muji house in white and no stuff. That is never going to happen.


Eva-L said...

Did anyone ever watch the tv upstairs? I know I didn't once in all my visits.

Evova said...

we sometimes did, but agree it wasnt overly used. we also had a 3rd tv in the loft which we have now given to the charity shop. less tvs in the future i say