Thursday, 5 November 2009

Phoenix nights

I had a great time visiting A. She got me echinacea tincture to cure my oncoming cold and sorted me out with special high vitamin C tea and also made me a fantastic face wash oil with lots of good stuff to make me more gorgeous (hard to imagine, i know).

We spend a lot of time in her yard drinking beer and nattering, it was a relaxing weekend which is just what I needed mid travel. In her garden she has a pomegranate tree and a grape fruit tree and a pecan nut tree. How unfair is that? I love the idea of going out picking your breakfast grape fruit in your yard. Hmfp.

I am now in Sweden, its snowing and cold. And dark at 3. Strange. Funeral went very well and while it was sad to say goodbye we know she had a long and good life which is comforting.

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