Tuesday, 3 February 2009

What did you do today?

After reading EL's account of dentist visit (and the naked Twitter silliness) I thought I should go through what I did today:
  1. Got in the car and drover, gingerly, to work. Due to snow couldnt see the parking space lines so just parked kind of in the middle.
  2. Worked, mainly conference calls and some emails. Nothing exciting. Someone had booked a meeting at 12-2 so I didnt have time to go out. But it was probably cold so that was fine. Had my soup by my desk at 11.45.
  3. Booked a viewing of a house in Haywards Heath on Thursday. So then I spent some time in a meeting a) mapping out the furniture in the rooms b) deciding what stuff not to bring c) calculating how much downpayment would be needed and trying to work out where it would come from.
  4. Called and argued with a company and got that bill slashed from £6.50 to £4.00 a month. Dont think that will help with the downpayment.
  5. Tried to book tickets to Eddie Izzard. Failed.
  6. Booked some holiday days - for parents visit and then EL's visit.
  7. Went home, less gingerly as most snow and ice was gone.
  8. Heated dinner: left over roast beef and broccoli/cauliflower gratin (mmmm...)
  9. Watched Scrubs for 2 hours. God bless E4 and Paramount Comedy!
  10. Finished 'Maskerade'. Time to find a new Pratchett to re-read.

That is about it, not overly exciting. But I think it was a nice day all the same. So, what did you do?


Eva-L said...

Ooooh, house viewing! I wouldn't mind accompanying you to one of those if you need to book one in for March 14, say.

Evova said...

will see what i can do...

Barb said...

Yes, house viewing is dead exciting. Now, have you sorted all the furniture?