Saturday, 28 February 2009


I got hit by another car today. Not badly, she came out from a garage and didnt look where she was going so hit me on the side. But cars nowadays are all made of plastic so my front left side got all bent and kind of folded in.

The polis turned up just 3o seconds afterwards, they happened to be driving past. Then came an ambulance and another police car. The other girl was all chocked and crying. Not sure why, her car looked fine. Hmpf.

But I am ok. Annoyed but ok. Have had to book a taxi for tomorrow morning and texted JD that I cant collect him at the pub due to car being towed away.

Unfortunately I had agreed to give JD a lift to the pub and as just nipping out didnt bring handbag. So had no mobile, no contact numbers and nothing to entertain me for the hour it took to get the recovery car to arrive and tow the cars away. It also meant I couldnt call anyone to come and get me. So I asked if the polis would take me. No. But the nice recovery man was ok to take me to the top of Kingston lane and drop me there.

Also annoying is that the insurance companies close at 5 on Saturdays. I guess there are no accidents between 5 on a Saturday and 8 on a Monday morning and its my fault for being slow in getting back home that meant that I missed out on getting hold of them.

I am going to have to sort all the car crap out when I get back from Barcelona. Til then I am going to ignore it. As its all her fault I am not too worried and also am going to ensure her insurance company sorts me out with a rental car while my baby gets fixed.

My first accident. Never been hit or hit a car before. Quite scary. Am glad it happened at 20 mph. Neck is stiffening up now but am thinking that a bit of Rioja tomorrow will sort that out. Or Claims Direct.

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Fru A said...

hu! tur det inte var värre än så...

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