Friday, 27 February 2009

and more food

After seriously indulging in Edinburgh we are now back on the sensible eating plan. So this is this weeks dinner:

Tue - Baked salmon with anchovies, creme fraiche, spinach and new potatoes
Wed - Tuna and lemongrass fishcake with salad
Thu - Fried cardamom rice with monkfish and savoy cabbage
Fri - Yoghurt marinated cod baked on vegetable fried rice
Sat - Fish and chips (JD is out for the rugby ;-)
Sun - Tapas
Mon - Tapas
Tue - Tapas
Wed - Soup

Amrita brought me back lovely green cardamom pods from India so I am now adding it to everything. Its great in muesli and does go very well with rice. Cardamom overload is a risk, but hey I like living on the edge.

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