Monday, 16 February 2009


We are off to Barcelona!! The tickets are so so cheap at the moment so we are off there for a few days early March. I love Barcelona. JD has never been. Good enough reason eh?

So here is a small touristy list:

1 - Top 3 cities for touristing. Barcelona, Copenhagen, Hong Kong

2 - Top 3 places for food. New York, Dieppe, Brussels.

3 - Have you ever been lost and afraid as a tourist? Yes, in St Petersburg and Alexandra got lifted off the ground and pushed against a wall by a man who got angry with us for being afraid.

4 - Are you a sociable tourist? No, dont talk to anyone else if I can avoid it.

5 - Where are you off next? Edinburgh!

I am just quite nosy so please humour me.


Eva-L said...

WTF? How many trips are you going on? I just blogged about our very exciting lunch to be. Is JD coming with us?

Evova said...

JD is not coming. Not invited. Am hoping he will be working and earning money by then...