Wednesday, 11 February 2009

New skirt

Got a new skirt from ebay today, its pink as I have decided its now spring. I dont care it was -1 this morning and it took me an hour to get to work due to all the ice related accidents.

Anyway. New skirt. Diet still on. Rest of weeks menu below:

Tuesday - Cod with spinach and yoghurt / sweetchili sauce
Wednesday - Dry green prawn curry with pak choi
Thursday - Salmon and chorizo parcels and mixed salad
Friday - Soup (cause we are going for Dim Sum in China Town for lunch...)
Saturday - Tasty's take away (6 nation and soup just isnt a working combo)
Sunday - Roast vegetable salad

I have set my Magners limit to 3 for Saturday. It contains apples so I am sure it will count towards my 5 a day.


Barb said...

apparently apple vinegar is the way to go [and get an ulcer?] I am going to try it.

Eva-L said...

It _is_ spring, when the sun's out it melts the snow!

Evova said...

when i get up its light enought so i dont have to turn the light on. and when i go home from work the birds are still singing! spring!

Fru A said...

picture of skirt, please?