Saturday, 14 February 2009


I quite like Valentines. We had our Valentines dinner on Thu night as its 6 nations today so there is no point in trying to fit a sitty downy dinner after 5 hrs in the pub. Tasty it is.

I made little coconut hearts dipped in 85% lindt chocolate. I brought most into work so as not to over eat of the little buggers. But they were veeeery nice.

Jd gave me a gift voucher for Jewel Thief in town, we went in to have a look but I didnt find anything I really liked so I am saving it as I quite like dragging things like this out. When EL is over I am sure we will have to go to town and pass by the shop and maybe then they will have something I fancy.

He got a Flash Gordon tshirt from me. It went down very well and now being worn.

In town, we went via Steamers (looove Steamers) and got a pancake pan and a microplane. My parents are over next weekend and it's pancake day Tuesday week and my mum can flip them in the air. So pancakes pan is needed! The microplane is something I have wanted for ages but they are just that little bit too expensive for a grater so I keep walking away without one.

We also got these little red 'pots' that are kind of folded plastic. I like. And herbs can live in them.


Eva-L said...

Mais, absolument. Jag vill gå till Cath Kidston-butiken också, den ligger bäl i närheten.

Evova said...

Japp, next door. O vore ju synd att INTE kolla in Ollie & Nick...