Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Looking smart

I over ate a bit over Christmas and the the holiday after (and probably the skiing beforehand and all the Xmas parties). Basically I am running out of clothes. So I got a skirt from ebay for a fiver and another in Sainsburys. Both giant sized. So now I am trying to eat less (yum, lets have another rice cake!) so I can get back to wearing flat shoes and trousers again.

Due to the skirt wearing I have to wear heels (Oh you skinny legged women just shut it, I cannot have flat shoes with a skirt. Mum will back me up on this.) And as I am wearing skirt and heels I am looking quite smart. Add to that my discovery that a suit jacket handily hides my lovehandles and the result is that everyone at work thinks I am going for a new job. I am not. I am just trying very hard not to eat my desk.


Barb said...

Oooh, I am with you on the flats and skirt, dont care what anyone says!

Off the carbs again, oh no!!

I keep telling myself that my clothes have shrunk in the wash, thats why they are tight!

Eva-L said...

Sometimes I love working from home, I wear pink woolly socks, stretch pants, obviously, and a sweater full of birdseed. Noone ever sees me. But I can see the danger so I have started exercising more (so far two yoga classes and one walk, also this morning I forgot Nils's helmet for when they go skating, so I had to walk to school twice.) I'm also trying to stay off carbs, but it's not going very well.

Evova said...

I am yet to start excersising. My internal resistance is huge... I am working from home today and I am not a pretty sight, soft clothes are nice but not very flattering.