Tuesday, 17 February 2009

More food

While I am looking forward to Barca and also St John's with EL I am still trying to rid myself of the kilos piled on throughout the winter. So the weeks menu is:

Sunday - roast vegetable w fresh hummous from the Farmers Market
Monday - garlic prawns and falefel with the rest of the hummous
Tuesday - salmon burgers with carrot and cucumber salad
Wednesday - grilled chicken salad
Thursday - whatever is ok on the TGI's menu
Friday - Pret Sushi at the airport
Saturday - Haggis
Sunday - Scotch Broth
Monday - Garlic prawns, flambe chorizo, Neufchatel, Pancakes

Hmm... somehow I start of well and then it kind of goes down the drain... Ah well I will just have to walk off some of the food.

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Eva-L said...

Are you going to the bestest tapas place?

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