Friday, 13 February 2009

Day off

I have the day off. As JD is looking for work I want to try to make the most of having him around. So we went to London this morning and on to National History Museum to see the Darwin exhibition. Unfortunatley so was 1/2 of London and a million kids. We got tix for the 2.30 showing and went to China town for some excessive Dim Sum luncheoning in the meantime.

Over full but happy we went back and checked out the exhibition. It was v good. I loved the description of how Darwin kept chucking a lizard into the sea to see how it reacted. And as it kept coming back up to him he deducted this was due to there being no predators on land (an island) but plenty in the sea. Go and Devolve youself!

He was also member of the Oxford 'eat anything that moves' club - hehe. Very good day indeed.

Finishing it off with dinner: Honey bbq pork bun. Yum.

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Angela said...

(*sigh*) You may be jealous of my weather, but I would LOVE to be able to hop the train to London to see - oh, just about ANYTHING cool like that!