Saturday, 29 October 2011


It is October, end of, but still October. It is snowing outside. Quite mad. So we have cancelled our weekend plans of taking a boat up the Hudson to Bear Mountain Oktober fest and instead we are enjoying being indoors and admiring the snow pelting down outside.

I fancied cooking something but as we have no flour at home I went through the cupboards and found oats. As I was also hungry I searched for recipes with oats and found one that inspired me. Unable as I am of following recipes, not just a personality trait but also due to lack of ingredients, I made the oat soup by toasting the steel cut oats (the fast cooking kind) then adding a jar of Marinara sauce, water and chicken stock. Very nice!

I also found a recipe for oat brûlée but modified it a bit adding more egg yolks and some cardamom before torching it with my small torch. Very warming and wonderfully filling. Mmmm. Future brunch staple I think.


Eva-L said...

Tips för din torch:
ta en bit salmalax (alldeles färsk lax som kan ätas som den är), rulla laxen i en socker-, salt- och sesamfröblandning. Bränn runt laxen med torchen, skiva upp lax strö över spring onion och häll på lite soja.

Evova said...

josses det later gott! min torch ar lite mesig men ska prova...

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