Tuesday, 18 October 2011

80's week!

Good start! The Bangles live! Ah reminds me of the summer I worked at the hospital in Enkoping and stayed with granny at the summerhouse, cycling into town and listening to Bangles on my bright yellow walkman. I would have loved the dancers dresses back then as well.

OMG Brooke's shoulder pads are almost as wide as a normal woman's hips! But not a patch on Tess' normal outfit. Carson is best dressed, as always, in a snappy tracksuit matching his partner. Very campsite anywhere in the world 1984. Ricki is in a prom dress that could very well be her original from back in the day.

This week I am watching Xfactor (recorded yesterday) instead of suffering through the adverts. The judges have fabulous houses. Everybody cries a lot. Some of the contestants are good.

Maks and Hope - a lot of complaining. On both sides. Jeebus just get on with it... She is in a shiny red rain coat with a big handbag. OK there goes handbag and there goes coat. Mmmm not bad. A lot better than last week but she stomps a bit. (They are dancing to Living on a Prayer so I am busy head banging.) Len is not keen. Bruno waffles but seems to like it. Carrie Ann Inaba think both are right. Hope pinches Tom's bum before walking off. 8, 8, 8. I am guessing another week of scoring everyone 7-8.

Back to Xfactor. Why oh why do they all have to make the songs their own? Just sing the bloody melody.

CARSON! I LOVE CARSON! The track shots come off and they are in cheerleader outfits with pompoms and he has no clue, lost his steps within 20 seconds. Not finding it back but who cares. He is just loverly. Bruno says he was loopy but loved it. Carrie Ann Inaba is not seeing any technique (look harder dear!). Len not sure if it was good enough to come back next week, Carson says 'let America decide'. Hear, hear! I am voting Carson and David! 6, 6, 7 - guess that is the lowest paddle they have available.

Nancy is next. Yawn, maybe I will just skip this one. She is in hot pink with big blond hair (ok i am jealous I want to have big blond 80's hair). Dancing to Spandau Ballet True. Her dancing is sketchy so I am hoping they kick her out this week. CAI think it was drab. Len and Bruno thought it was good, although Bruno is talking (drooling) about Tristan more than talking about the dance. 7, 7, 8. Middle of the road again.

More Xfactor. Burrito man! He is great! He is my favorite.

And as its pointless professional dancer break (even if it is to the Bangles) I am staying with Simon a while longer.

JR - with the samba. Oh this should be good! I can smell a 10. Love the hip action! Let's see what the judges thought. Len loves it! Bruno thinks he is a sex machine with a volcano down below. Carrie Ann Inaba wants more - she said something in Spanish that I don't think came out as she thought it would. His dance partner looks like the girl who steals in with Zucco in Grease at the school dance. 9, 9, 10!

Rob coming up. Not super keen. I think he is just not known enough and definitely not good enough to make it through. Dancing to Hello in not even funny outfits and being middle of the road good. Bruno is gushing. CAI sees potential. Len is stroppy because he feels the others are talking to much. When he calms down he says it is good. 9, 8, 8.

Chaz and Lacey coming up. I like Lacey! Of all the dancers I reckon she would be the most fun to hang out with. Chaz is not great at this dancing lark so Lacey brings in her dad to help convince him that chubby men can dance. Love it! Her dad is brilliant! I want him as head judge! And he has got results, the hips are moving! CAI happy, Len moderately and Bruno compares Chaz to a basketball. 7, 7, 7 - middle of the road.

David and his odd looking Australian dance partner are up! Not sure what happened to her face but it cannot be natural. He does an amazing impersonation of Len. Snork! He is all punk. Mmmm me like. And the dancing is not bad - to Tainted Love - actually I think it is very good! Whohoo! David has learnt how to dance! Len loved it (little Coco in the audience happy as larry at the positive comments) as did Bruno and Carrie Ann Inaba but she and Len descend into bickering with Bruno pitching in for good measure. Children behave! Oh David you are lovely but when he talks he sounds like the nutty gang leader out of Polica Academy 2. 8,9,8!

We finish with Ricki! Ricki! Ricki! And she is proper A list as John Waters come in to see her! She is fab-u-lous! Love the dress, the wig, the blue eye liner, the attitude, the dance! Great choreography and excellent execution. But I must have missed something as Bruno is not impressed. Carrie Ann Inaba think they should have stayed in hold and not done the raunchy rabbit (I loved the rabbit!). Len feel they are mucking about with the foxtrot (well boho to you!). I am sure she will get through no problem. 8, 8, 8 (misery guts). They seriously felt Rob was better than RIcki? Fneh! Need to get their eyes checked.

Well tomorrow, after a very drawn out results show, we will find out who goes home. I hope it is Nancy or Rob.

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