Sunday, 9 October 2011

Sunday cooking - planning

At Essex market yesterday we got some Vermont cheddar that is salty and wonderful on toast with a bit of honey and a cup of tea. We got a bit of New York blue cheese as well, both cheeses were dinner last night with some fresh bread and a bottle of American red wine (Aratas Petite Sirah, curiously strong at over 15%, why is American wine so strong?)

At the market we found a butchers selling heritage meats so we got some cold cuts for snacking and also some goat. I have eaten goat before but never cooked with it so it just had to be done. We also found some cut up pumpkins of different types, I like not having to buy a whole pumpkin so got a few chunks. Today the goat will become curry in the slow cooker and the pumpkin will become soup with some of the left over blue cheese. Just need to pop out to the spice store to get some additional spices then we get cracking!

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