Tuesday, 1 November 2011


DEAD from Hollywood! (Geddit?) Things go bump in the night.

All Halloween edition, I suspect there will be props galore but luckily they have swapped the judges for skeletons so Len will not have a fit.

The orchestra is more dead than alive, with the conductor is looking very zombieish with arms out. They have swapped the judges for skeletons!

We start with David and his Australian dancer who needs no mask to scare people. I am thinking plastic surgery gone wrong. They are working on his hip action - as it is a nice looking bum I am not complaining.

OK dancing - a bit of pyrotechnics and out his dancer come in her underwear with red string - weird and not very attractive. He is very Mandrake looking in tails, top hat and a cape, but unfortunately not looking very good on the dance floor. But to quote Brucie - they are still my favorites! Well Len liked it!? Obviously I am not very good at this dancing lark. Bruno just called Carrie Ann Inaba a bitch on telly! I think so anyway - they beeped it. Hmpf, finally something interesting said and they beep it! Brooke is looking like she wants to be in Chicago, not sure why that is relevant for Halloween. But there might be an opening on Broadway that she is eyeing up. Judges - 8, 8, 8. Another night of over-scoring! I really don't think they have paddles 1-6 in the US.

JR has a giant red gun. I wonder if they are supposed to be ghost busters but due to budget constraints they just got a cheap water gun at the local petrol station... But first ADVERTS! I am giving out some sweets to the local kids in the breaks. Trying to get them to take more as I am having to eat the rest.

Ah yes. Ghostbusters. JR is in a janitor suit and Kym is in a...erm...well... It is like a feather hat that Cher would have worn 20 years ago with a cape that looks like the egg white when you fry an egg. The dance is very good. Well I thought so. Len and Bruno give him 8's - as if David (love him to bits and all) was equally good.

More adverts then we see Nancy (bleugh!) and Tristan (mmm yum) practicing. She is so annoying I fast forward through most of it, the dancing is rubbish. She walks around a bit looking confused. Time to go. The judges are not impressed and show it by giving 3 7's?! Seriously? Where is Craig when I need him??

Kardashian next! As his sister has just announced her divorce I am surprised none has commented on it so far in the show! Brucie would have been right in there. Gah! Can't believe I am even missing flipping Brucie. Anyway. They are dancing to Addams family - another one eyeing up a role perhaps. The sister with the godawful hubby is in the audience (he is not in costume, no need I guess). Oh I don't like to say this but their dancing is actually quite good. Although his facial expression is more Lurch than Gomez. Len loves it, Bruno admires his manliness and Carrie Ann Inaba says best dance yet. More adverts!

Brooke still not asking about the divorce! Come on! OK scores: 9, 8, 8. Bruno and Len loved that but still only giving it the same as the JR dance they didn't like. Seriously expand your range of votes!

Ricki! Ricki! She is Red Riding Hood but is hampered by an injury - rib nerve something with a complicated name. This season's first injury not counting Chaz knees! Luckily her partner says he knows how to dance with someone in pain (god knows what he does to the ladies...)

Props galore! Trees. Cape. Basket. Great false lashes on her. False teeth and bad face hair on him (well he has no body hair so being a wolf meant pouffing the fringe a bit.) As every week it is very good! Having read up in Us and People I know that is her new bit of stuff in the audience as well. No idea who all the old people are they keep showing. Dad? Random relatives? The judges all love it and Len goes off on how this is why he loves the paso. Blabla. Scores: 9, 9, 9. Seriously she is MILES better than Kardashian brother! You need to sort out your scoring people!

Hope and Maks next. He is wolf man and I hope the fake teeth will shut him up as no one likes the talking back to the judge routine he did last week (a la James Jordan - don't like him either.) Maks broke his toe so Hope is dancing with another guy and Hope is loving it! Maks is unhappy. Fneh! Dance starts with Maks ripping his sleeves and shirt off. Well well... Her dancing is better than last week, maybe she should swap partner. CAB liked it, Len likes it and says thank you to hair, make up and costume department. Bruno liked it too. So probably 8's all round... Score: 8, 8, 8. Well that surprised no one.

Group dances next. As they are getting votes for that they are all super excited and Nancy smashes a pumpkin just to make the point. They are dancing the tango and JR and David are looking good - straight jacket tango suits them. Nancy is more rag doll being moved around the floor. Len likes the group parts but thinks the individual parts were a disaster. Bruno agrees with Len. CAB does too. OK move on. Scores: 8, 7, 8. Yawn.

Group Paso up next. Looking very scary. Adverts. Bruno is on Jimmy Kimmel Live later. Olive Garden (JD has vetoed it so I have never been), ATT (got it) , Ford (better than Toyota, I think not), Walmart (we need one on 5th Avenue I think.)

Ricki is trying to be a group player and she is injured so that is the excuse in early. Maks whips Hope around in an almost violent way. He is such a moron. The others are looking on awkwardly.
Rob stomps around, Hope is not bad, Ricki is solid as always. Finishing with some cape action where Maks is out of sync! HAHAHAHAH! Bruno is ecstatic! CAB is ecstatic and didn't even notice the cape out of sync. Len liked it too. Scores: 9, 8, 9.

Re-cap and its over for the night. Tomorrow Justin Bieber and BoysIIMen (LA special - book one, get one free?). We have lots of sweets left so I am going to have to eat that for the rest of the week.

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