Sunday, 23 October 2011


I am a follower, I admit. I would hope that I am not completely without thought a follower, so if you jumped off a cliff I would hopefully stop to think about it, at least, before jumping as well. Anyway. I just got a Kindle because E got one and loves it so I thought it is worth trying. After reading a book on the iPad I confirmed I do not mind reading on a screen but I don't like reading on the iPad. It is too heavy and shiny.

Nook or Kindle? I love Barnes & Noble. We were there yesterday and mooched around, I picked up a few books but after we had the 'should I get a Kindle/Nook' I put them down and went to try out the Nook. I didn't overly like it but then it is hard to compare not having the Kindle next to it. Online I found more of the books I want in Barnes& than on but having downloaded a Nook book (love saying that, btw) decided that I do not like the way they look on the iPad compared to the Kindle books on the same device.

Today we walked to Staples where they have both brands, tried both and decided that the Kindle (black and white, nothing snappy) is the one for me. So I am now a proud owner of a Kindle 4 and have ordered a great looking case from Etsy to finish it off.

Now off to read another Peculiar Crimes Unit story on my new device.

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