Monday, 3 October 2011


We found a great little French restaurant by Lincoln Center, where we had lunch yesterday. La Boîte en Bois. It had good food, rude waiters and everything you would expect of a real French restaurant. Definitely going back! I had the house pate followed by seafood crepes (mmm). JD had garlic sausages with lentils followed by steak with garlic mash (m m mmm).

Today for lunch we tried a French style restaurant by Union Square. It looked French as someone would think a French restaurant should look, the food was ok but we will not be going back.

A few weeks ago we tried another Looking-Like-French restaurant place just round the corner from here. It looked better on the outside than inside and food left a lot to be desired, not to mention a very dirty bathroom (or restroom as they say here).

It seems we have a thing for French restaurants. No point in showing where the two rubbish ones were but below is a map showing the good one.

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