Saturday, 1 March 2008


For some reason all hairdressers love to make me look like a mushroom, spending quality time putting lots of stuff in my hair, scrunching and blow drying. Turns out T&G hairdressers are no different, somehow I thought they would know better. But not. So when the girl was done with my hair and said "how about that?" my instinctive answer was "god awful", but I know by now that by the time I have spent 5 min flattening the hair down it will look ok again.

I actually like the hair cut very much, just really really hate when its all puffed up and also when its covering my ears - making me look like a little fat hair ball.


Angela said...

They do the same to me. It makes me crazy! Surely "mushroom" has not ever been the "hot, new look" of the season!

Evova said...

It has never been in season as far as I know and it bl**dy well doesnt suit anyone, especially not me.Next time am thinking I should take a photo so I can share some laughter with the world.

You must look amazing as a mushroom!!

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