Friday, 7 March 2008

Double life

Its so exciting have a double life, one here in the UK and one in Stockholm. While its freaky to go and visit JD in my home country its very nice to be able to plan lunches with friends, see relatives without spending holiday time and basically setting up a second life in another town.

So I am off tonight, tomorrow we are going to Dubliners for the rugby (well, Jenny and I will probably nip of for some quality shopping) before going back to JD's flat for dinner and Wii playing. Sunday we take the train down to my sisters for a birthday lunch - great as I can also hand over presents purchased in China while down there...

Monday - lunch with Eva
Tuesday - lunch with Jenny
Wednesday - lunch with EL
Thursday - out with J and J for a civilised evening at the museum (with wine I assume)
Friday - yoga with EL

Then a nice weekend with JD - oh but its the last Six Nations weekend so all Saturday will be spent in the pub again. While I quite like rugby and six nations I must admit I am glad its over soon...


fru A said...

ingen tur norrut..?

Barb said...

Your week sounds like fun!

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