Sunday, 23 March 2008

Easter sunday

I got two eggs from Choccywoccydoodah. JD couldnt decide so got me two. Bless...
We spent Friday being blown away not by the ale which was ok, I am not a great ale fan, but by the wind. Lordy lord it was windy. We gave up when it started raining. But have the memorabilia glasses so that is what counts.

Saturday we went into town shopping, doesnt happen often and as soon as we got in we remembered why. Half of England had decided to go shopping. Am so glad we have moved into suburbia. Any way, after lunch at Pinxtos with some great white wine (but no fois gras!! new menu, not happy...)I didnt mind the masses so much.

I have cooked the salmon cheese cake (nice, but sage is so not a nice herb, will exclude it next time and use chives instead) and chocolate mousse pots (v nice) and just put the cured lamb roast in the oven at 100 degrees. Is supposed to take three hours so just in time for a late lunch. Its been curing in salt water in the glass house for two days, fingers crossed its edible when its done...

Chores done: spare shelves added to kitchen, remaning stuff unpacked onto shelves. We are off to buy two poles for the material I am hanging in the ceiling of the glass house. Not bad!

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