Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Back again

Ah, its nice to be home. The bed is nice and hard. The house is clean and tidy. My wardrobe is full of ironed clothes thanks to some spurt of energy before I went to Sweden. I am looking forward to Easter, JD is back on Thursday and we (ie I) have lots of plans of things we need to do. I reccon by Monday we will have done maybe 1 or 2 items on the list, but that is ok too.

Last weekend we went to the summer house and JD and I did some raking. I did raking light and he did proper raking and got a blister. Photo evidence enclosed. Its a lot less spring in Bresse than it is in Borrby.
After raking we invited mum and dad over for dinner and Melodifestivalen watching. Very nice evening it was too, plenty of food, wine and pop songs. The strange looking lady, as JD calls her, won.
Sunday we walked to the train station, up to Monteliusvagen and down through Old Town and then up Drottninggatan. Lovely in the sunshine.
Sol Manana!


fru A said...

mm, det är lite alien över the strange looking lady. eller transa?

Evova said...

ja inte ar det ratt. haller med om transa, hon ser for tokig ut.