Wednesday, 23 November 2011

It is over

While Rob has improved, I agree, he is not a patch on Ricki or JR. For some reason they gave him straight 10's for his show dance which was very good but perfect? I think not.

Ricki danced her tango from halloween again - oh and it is even better than last time! The music must be a movie score, such a great choice and the dancing is crisp. ItI want her to win! The judges agree.

Rob is next. He feels he proved he belongs in the final. I am not convinced. They are dancing the foxtrot from the week when they all did dances for something memorable and he messes up a bit (forgets to take his hat off) and generally just looks very hesitant. Nerves I guess. Well this is not a winning performance. But the judges like it an Len says his foot work is the best he has seen in a male dancer in this competition ever. I just cannot see what they see.

JR is doing their jive but taking out the linty and the illegal lift. So basically doing a new dance? That is ok, I still really, really like him! It is super energetic and I think it looks great, apart from a little miss in the middle. Len decides to randomly thank the singers instead of talking about JR. Bruno looks like Chruschev banging the table shouting "fun, fun, fun" so I take it he liked it.

Judges votes:

3rd - Rob
2nd - JR
1st - RICKI!

But after adding last nights score it is Ricki 1st, Rob 2nd and JR 3rd. Now they are going to add the viewers votes and I think also the instant dance? A lot off re-counting. I am fast forwarding. I love my TiVo.

OK we are back and I do hope their counters are good ones as now we get the news on who is 3rd:

RICKI! WHAT THE FCK! NONONONONO! She is the best! Who are the morons voting? I was working late so missed it. Oh now I am pissed off. First Carson, then David now Ricki. Not fair!

I am giving up on this now, will fast forward through the rest.

Lots of filler with the other dancers already kicked out repeating a dance. I can't remember half of them actually, whoops. But CARSON IS BACK!! Doing Vogue. Hehe. And he gets to dance with Maks' brother. This is brilliant. Not the dancing obviously but having Carson back.

They are doing a recap of the season, I liked 80's week and Halloween week the best I think.

Lacey's dad is back! He dances with Chaz and Lacey to 'I likem chunky' - snark!

DAVID. Aww David, I miss David. They are dancing to a song from Grease and he looks fab as always. He is John Travolta of course, and Kym is Olivia Newton John.

SOON the last two will dance again, just a bit more filler and adverts. Yawn. Lady Antebellum I do not like so fast forward it is.

At last - final dances. Instant samba by JR first - he is brilliant. Rob next and he does rock those hips (with a cheeky wink at the judges.) Len gives them a standing ovation. Bruno gushes about Rob's bonbons. JR scores 10, 10, 10. Rob scores 10, 10, 1o. Oh for heavens sake why are the judges even there if they can't be bothered scoring properly.

A bit more adverts while they complete the complicated task of adding 30 to the total they had earlier. Guess they did hire Mr Scrooge's excellent accountants for this task... And JR wins. Good. Not Ricki but my second choice. And he has been amazing from week 1.

I will have such withdrawals next week...

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