Saturday, 5 November 2011

Thanksgiving plans

Just a few weeks away now! I have ordered the turkey and the pies (apple and pecan) - both being picked up at Essex Market the days before the big day. I will be making the cranberry sauce the weekend before but the rest of the cooking will happen on the day or be done by someone else (frozen corn bread is the way forward.)

I am testing out the side dishes and I was super excited by the idea of corn pudding but after cooking it this morning it will not re-appear at Thanksgiving. Bland. Instead I have decided to go with JD's mash, MoF's leek in cream and anchovies and green bean/tomato salad. Tomorrow the plan is to test cook sweet potato casserole a la Del Frisco's as the final side dish.

JD wants Bisto gravy but I am thinking we do our own. I suspect we will not even touch the pies on the Thursday but enjoy them the next day as breakfast...

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