Tuesday, 8 November 2011


No idea what the theme is today, missed that crucial bit and can't decipher from the costumes.

Just noticed there is one guy in the orchestra that has a toupe, I saw him last week but thought it was part of the Halloween costume. Some guy in the first row has a cap on. Seriously, he should have been told to take it off, unless he is a stage hand filling a seat for someone on a loo break like they do at the Oscars?

Rob is dancing to Aha Take on Me - the chirpy version. I hate it. Not only are they ruining a good song (you know the high note? the guy in the band did not nail it...) Rob is just DULL. BUT it turns out the guy in the audience who should have been told to take off his cap is his sister's boyfriend (the one who sensibly has not married the nutcase). Len dislikes the opening sequence but says best dance so far (which I take to mean time to leave!). Bruno liked his frame and line. Carrie Ann Inaba thinks he was polished and elegant. I am guessing three 8's in this perpetual scoring of only 7's and up... 9, 9, 9 - OK they are certifiably nuts. I guess the over scoring has stepped up a level, we will see 10's tonight if that was a 9.

There is some random lottery in the middle where they get to pick their music for the instant jive. They pick Maneater with Hall & Oats. I have no idea what instant jive means, but I am sure I will find out soon... Turns out it is that they get 20 minutes to 'learn' a dance. In practice it means they have been practicing all week to different music and now just need to work out how to do it to a certain song. Meh!

Hope and Maks next. She looks lovely in a yellow coat and hat. He looks miserable. Maks apologizes (kinda) for being too rough with her. I doubt he means it. I am not keen. He is trying a gentler approach to coaching. He should just hand over to the guy who did a great job last week... Instead he introduces her to his family so they can tell her all about him. His dad proceeds to tell her Maks used to cry a lot, not sure what she is supposed to take from that. Anyway, they are dancing to Valerie and the start is a bit of a mess. She looks lovely as under the coat is a very pretty 1950's dress. It gets better though and Bruno loves it. CAI gives Hope a hug and Len thinks its her best dance yet. 9, 9, 9. Their instant jive is The Best Damn Thing by Avril Lavigne. No idea.

Ricki and Derek next! He has bad face hair again. They are dancing the waltz and I expect it to be amazing as always. But I am actually a little bored. The judges all love it but Len says she can't get a 10 from him without sorting out her heel leads. Considering how flippantly he hands out 9's I can't believe he is suddenly picky about handing out 10s. 9, 9, 10 (Aw, bless Bruno.) Instant jive music Land of a 1000 dances by Wilson Picket. Again, no idea.

Nancy and Tristan next - for what I hope is the last time! This should have been David! Get rid of her! She feels Tristan is negative and complains about him. I feel for the poor man, he must be going nuts with her. Tom notes Tristan should get hazard compensation - snork! Their tango would be ok for week 4 but this late in the competition it is just not good enough. Len feels since week 2 she has been on a plateau but now she has moved up again. Bruno feels she had the right Jezebel attitude. Carrie Ann Inaba feels she should give Tristan a break. 8, 8, 8. Upside Down with Paloma Faith. I hope they don't ruin it.

JR coming up! I had dinner as the program started, recording it in the background so I just whiz through all the adverts! Well, I did until now when I have run out of TiVo recording. Time for a soda pop break so I can build up some more recording time. American adverts are mind numbingly stupid and annoying.

OK I am back! JR was A-MAY-ZING! A wonderful waltz and he gets 3 10s! Whoppie!

Time for instant jives - quick summary:
  • Rob - ok but not very exciting
  • Hope - wow! interesting outfit and great super fast fabulous kicks!
  • Ricki - ok but not up to her usual standard. Best part was Derek jumping over Ricki's head and doing a great heel slide.
  • Nancy - terrible, week 1 level. Len even found the 6! About time.
  • JR - FANTASTIC! Amazing considering they got the music 20 min ago!
So tomorrow on the results show I want Nancy to go. As does Len. America - please listen to Len!

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