Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Semi final

Three dances each this week! Oh how will they manage? And it is injuries galore - Hope gets shots for her shoulders, JR has injured his ankle and the other two fall over a lot. OK I might have exaggerated the galore bit but still...

Hope and Maks started off well I thought, except that she does stomp around a lot. Judges not impressed: 7, 7, 7. Maks pinches Tom's bum as he seems to do each week but I am ignoring as I really don't like Maks.

JR and Katrina next and he is incredibly hesitant, his ankle is really causing problems, this is not good... It is awkward and if he wasn't a super hero he might be at risk of being kicked out. I thought he would be great at samba :-( But the judges do not judge on the dance but on how impressive he is for coming out dancing injured and gives him 8's. The audience is screaming so loud that we can't hear what Tom says. Probably nothing important.

Rob and Cheryl are next and he is great! Samba is definitely his dance! Surprising as that sounds boy did good. His mum cries when Carrie Ann Inaba (ever the over scoring) gives him a 10.

Ricki and Derek next and she is dressed like a chicken but somehow makes it look FAB-U-LOUS! And her dancing is great. Derek's choreography is great as always and their execution as strong as ever and the judges loves it - straight 10's.

To break things up a bit they show sob stories from the stars pasts. (I am in tears when Hope talks about her homeless dad coming to all her football games. Sniff...)

Second lot of dances next - Hope and Maks are back and they should be great at the Argentine Tango but even though it is littered with complex lifts it is just not quite there. Judges agree and Hope has unfortunately learned off Maks and decides to talk back. Bad idea. She is bound to leave tonight.

JR and Katrina - oh and he has gone and bought a new ankle in the break. Very good Argentine tango! Being in pain probably helps with keeping his face all serious as well. 9, 9, 9.

Tonight Brooke is dressed in what looks like a shell covered dress - like a Pearly Queen but American style.

Poor Rob Kardashian - his evil sisters dressed him up as a girl a lot as a kid. Probably scarred him for life. But if he talks any more about going to University of South California I will scream. I know you are supposed to repeat things to make them seep into peoples mind but this is too much. Anyway his tango is quite good except for his bum sticking out in some of the steps. I want Cheryl's dress... Judges like - all 9's.

Time for Ricki and Derek! But first we get a reminder of her background and all the weight she gained and lost. Poor mite was molested as a kid, I didn't know that. OK now I am crying again. Time for Tango! And as always she is absolutely amazing. Love it! Share flicks and hooks and crisp footwork. She looks wonderful in a red sheath dress cut high on the thigh. (oh oh oh they just showed Carson in the audience! I love Carson!) 9, 10, 10 - I have no idea what made Carrie Ann Inaba hold back on scoring seeing as she has consistently been over scoring by at least one the whole season. The worst was when she gave NANCY a 9! I thought Len was going to strangle her.

Time for another oddity - the cha cha relay! Don't think they have this one in the UK... Ricki starts of in a dress with lots of little hanging shiny things that swirl in a fab way when she dances. Hope next in trousers made of the same material but that kinda looks weird... JR next and he walks a little then shakes his hips and now its Rob in a a kinda leather/oily looking shirt. He holds his and over his hip bone in a really weird way. Noone dances enough to really see anything. What an odd invention.

Judges are conferring while we go to advert break: Ford, ToysRus, AT&T, Subway and Modern Family ("I sleep clown" looove!) Hope is last (no surprise, those two know how to piss of a judge), JR is third, Ricki second and Rob is first!

Well I think we can safely say Hope will be voted off and the finalists are JR, Ricki and Rob. I do not know what I will do on Monday evenings when this season is over! Get a life? nooooooo....

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