Friday, 5 March 2010


JD made stew yesterday. All day. I found him a recipe on and he got the ingredients earlier in the week. And I gave some advice like - dont be afraid to add stuff! And ideas of what others put in their stews, like dad puts anchovies and a tea spoon of black currant jelly in his. The recipe calls for red wine but JD chickened out when it came to adding wine so yesterday we had it plain and tonight (he made enough for an army) we had it with wine and small splash of light cream. Mmmmm.... Very nice!

Here is the recipe in case you get tempted - it also says cook it for 9 hrs but JD started at 2 and we ate at 7 so 5 hours of cooking works very well as well.


Amy said...

Nice article about US TV cliches here, mostly food related!

Please tell us if you have completed any of these!

Eva-L said...

Looks fab, I'll definitely make it, maybe next Sunday. Today I stuffed a chicken with garlic butter and thyme and serves it with sweet potatoe mash. That was good too.

Anonymous said...

Sounds delicious, definately wont hold back on the red wine.


Evova said...

Amy - 3 of 6 so far!