Sunday, 28 March 2010

Soviet in disguise

Since moving to the US I have at several times wondered at the similarities to the communist system that can be found here. E.g. DMV where you go and get your drivers license is more bureaucratic than anything I have ever seen. Walking past the Apple store I always see more staff than customers, as it they have a policy of generating jobs at all costs. And today I had a hair cut and again the generating menial jobs to improve job stats struck me.

I was met by the receptionist who handed me over to the wardrobe lady who handed me over to the hair washer who handed me over to the hair dresser who handed me to hair washer 2 and then on to colour expert who handed me back to hair washer 3. Meanwhile I had been served tea from the tea lady and the floor was swept by the floor lady.

The only non communist about the whole set up was the cost and the expectation that I would tip all of them. I paid $180 for cut and colour and another $40 in tip. The man in reception asked me if I wanted it to be $20 each and while I personally think they should have split it across all the staff I didnt fancy standing there giving him an allocation base to implement so just said yeah.

Oh the result was very American as they blow dried my hair super high, like a giant puff ball above my head so I spent ten minutes in Target in front of a mirror patting it down, but JD still laughed when he saw me.


Anonymous said...

Haha!! Brilliant Bx

Anonymous said...

Haha, that made me laugh so much. Bx