Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Just back from seeing The Tooth Fairy. Its got the Rock in it. And Stephen Merchant. And Julie Andrews. Overall rating 3 out of 5. Bordering on 2 but you know - the Rock looks good.

Here are the other films we have seen in 2010 - this is several times the total number of films we saw in a cinema in 2008 and 2009 combined.

Avatar - it was ok - 3 of 5
Sherlock Holmes - I liked it! - 4 of 5
Up in the Air - Great film - 5 of 5
Blind Side - Another great film - 5 of 5
Percy and the Lightning Thief - erm not so good - 2 of 5

Oscars on Sunday! I am definitely parking myself in the sofa with some bubbly to toast in the winners.


Eva-L said...

I just watched the Secret Garden together with the kids, it was the first time they saw it and they rellay liked it #älskastorabarn

Anonymous said...

Yes agree The Rock gets points just for appearing. sherlock holmes was also good, hmmm, RDJnr. Very smouldering. Oscars and champers eh? Posh you! Bxxxx

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