Sunday, 28 March 2010

Cool Whip

OK so despite my previous whingey post (largely driven from the strange tipping 'rules' that I dont get most of the time and always resent) we are loving living here and keep finding new things to try. One item that flew to the top (along with a lot of other tacky stuff, I agree I have no class) is Cool Whip.

We have been saying it like Stewie all day. Its not only funny to say but taste nice. So we didnt have it with pie but with from tropical fruit salad and chocolate jello (mmm tacky central)


Angela said...

Thanks, Eva. You make me laugh!

But you're right about the strange tipping economy & the wealth of service workers just waiting to do something. I always thought the service worker thing was about our fast food, done-right-this-minute thought process. Here, waiting is bad. It means you're not important enough for immediate service. And since everyone secretly believes that can't possibly be true of them, you'd have to hire a lot of people to maintain the illusion! The really scary thing to me is that most people I know don't seem to notice :)

Anonymous said...

Cool whip and chocolate jello sound like comfort food central. Heaven.


Evova said...

Mmm expecting it to be like this. Just like expecting chicken to be super cheap food. No consideration to how it lived. OK, pet peeve that one! Big issue in UK and seems slightly less of an issue here but more cause all food is expected to be cheap (see our Florida adventure at Sizzlers, IHOP etc :)

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