Tuesday, 30 March 2010


We are going on holiday tomorrow (or PTO as they say here, weirdly sounding like a car). Anyway. As the flight is 15 hrs and we have been practising card games. It started with the power outage when we got a card game book and we now can play Crazy 8s, Sevens, Rummy, Gin Rummy, Piquet, 15 card Rummy and Progressive Rummy. As my memory for card games is about 22 seconds I hope JD will remember the rules.

Playing rummy brings back memories of holidays at granny's, she was a keen gambler and she always had decks of cards lying around the summer house. My other granny taught me Patience. That one I do remember which is probably due to many long summers spent playing it as Swedish TV in the 80s wasn't all that great.

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Eva-L said...

I taught Edvin poker. Sometimes we play Go fish, but we prefer poker. Sometimes we just play plain femkort.