Monday, 1 March 2010


The other day when leaving the office I was hit by a smell that took me back quite a few years, to Guildford where I visited EL for a weekend. It was my first visit to UK and at that time I had no idea I would end up living there for over 9 years or that EL would end up visiting me lots of times. Not sure what the smell was but I do remember the greek student living next door to EL who had bathed his room in moth balls which made the whole place smell quite terrible.

This morning I got up and made tea. I treated myself to a tea bag from Mariage Freres, the best tea in the world. I was introduced to it by Anna and Anna when I went to see them in Paris with Carola (and we stayed in a hotel with pink padded walls). I of course ran out of the tea I bought back then several years ago but found that they sell it here in a couple of stores. So every time I treat myself to a bag I think of Paris, padded walls, friends and crepes outside a nightclub at 2 in the morning.

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