Thursday, 2 April 2009

Its my birthday!

JD didnt wake me with tea and toast as I got up first and went for a jog. But when I came back he was awake and had a pile of pressies for me!
He tried to get me QI tickets but just couldnt get hold of any, but its the thought that counts so I am pleased he tried. Instead he got me signed Terry Pratchett books - not one, not two, but four! And he said he suspects J wont be pleased with him for coming up with such a good pressie.

I also got some lovely Prestat chocolates from Jo and Chris - they are the pretties boxes I know but severly overpriced so I have been too tight to buy any for myself, so I am well chuffed!


Fru A said...

i bästa fall kom det ett sms-grattis från oss... hoppas du hade en fantastisk födelsedag, kram!

Eva-L said...

Jag är iaf grön av avund:-)

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