Saturday, 11 April 2009

some comments on the photos

So the gravlax had to be made as JD got a whole side for just £12! And as M and K both have told (and showed) me how easy it is to make I decided to give it a whirl. couldnt find dill so made with 100ml salt, 100ml sugar, 15 peppercorns and 3 juniper berries. In the fridge under a weight (pestle and mortar and a bottle of rum) for 2 days.

The cake I had to make after seeing it on DN the other week. It was supposed to be done with raw beetroot but I was too lazy so got a pack of cooked, which is why its not as colourful as the DN version.

The pasties are just JusRol circles filled with some left over roast pork, mushrooms, leek and a great bit of smelly cheese I found in the freezer.

The ale is Emerald something. Tastes of nothing but looks great. Most of the others we had tasted too much and didnt look as great. My favorite was the organic lager from Dark Star.

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Barb said...


just commented on the green stuff on FB, it looks wicked. Mmm, gradvalax and cake. Looks like you had a very Nigella Easter.

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