Monday, 27 April 2009


We had a great time in Sweden and by the time the weekend came the weather had improved a lot! It was a beautiful sunny weekend and hard to leave. Especially as we came home to heavy rain and grey skies.

My lilac has moved on a bit in the week we have been away. I love lilac. Actually I love all scented flowers but this is the first one up so gets a bit special attention.

I have added some piccies from the visit to Flickr.


Fru A said...

vill också ha en syren... hur vill de ha det?

Barb said...

Your Lilac looks great. Beata bought me a cutting all the way from Hungary. Planted it with the boy, when I went to compact the earth he sliced the top of it off. Now it looks like a stick poking out of the ground. Grrr.....

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