Friday, 17 April 2009

Ladies that lunch

B has got a spare 1/2 day every Friday starting today. So we met in Lewes and did some window shopping in the antiques stores, didnt bid or buy anything so were very well behaved. We then had lunch at a little cafe, you know the type with handwritten menus, selling its furniture and incredibly inefficient but cooky staff? Well, food was good once it arrive (we were 6 in total in the cafe so god only knows what the staff were busy with, I suspect paint stripping pine furniture in the back). The lady on the till who we gave our money to didnt even know how it works. Bless. Quite cute on a non busy Friday, would have been increadibly annoying on a busy Saturday. Do not want to be their customer tomorrow.

Aaaaanyway. B is back from being ill, then ill again and then really ill (we blame the Guardian reading, goodygoody Brighton parents who did not get their kids the MMR jab cause some moron blew up a made up story of how it gave your kids autism - all now proven to be a massive mistake and oops the side effect is that we all are more likely to get meninghitis.)

Off my hobby horse now. We also went to the cheese shop. Lewes is a great place because it has a cheese shop. I want to live in a place with a cheese shop. I love cheese. We both got Brother Micheal, the little brother of the Stinking Bishop, and also some nice creamy Stilton. JD and I have just enjoyed it all with some nice red wine from Tescos which we found on 1/2 price last night after our dance class.

Re: dance class. Rumba is dull. Waltz is fun. Quick step too. Chacha moderately so. We can dance 4 dances now!


Angela said...

Sounds like a lovely day. And I'm completely jealous of your dancing prowess! Colin and I talk about doing the classes from time to time but haven't figured out how to fit it in yet....

Eva-L said...

Do you remeber the cheese we got last summer? Miss something or other? We had to keep it in the cellar it smelled so bad.