Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Spring and jogs

As its spring and I can no longer ignore the fact that I have done no excercise since September I have decided to take part in a monthly charity run (well, mooch for my part) in Hove Park. Its 5km*6 - so once a month from April to September. And you pay a fee for the pleasure, which is the charity part - no going round begging money of friends and collegues.
I thought I was doing really well as I had mapped out a route on Gmaps and it came to about 5km I thought, but I realised last week I had completely messed it up and that I have only been jogging abount 1/2 the distance. I am now up to 2/3 and am gambling on that I will find that extra 1/3 on Thu night.

As we go dancing (yes! chachacha, quick step and waltz so far) on Thursdays I have to go for the jog an hour before everyone else, then pay at the end before heading off for the dance class. Fingers crossed I will burn a few extra calories this way as I am planning on eating and drinking my way through Easter.

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