Sunday, 29 March 2009

Food focus

Garden is all tidy thanks to JD scrubbing the patio and me tidying up the borders. We have added some more plants, replacing the horrid funereal lily in the front border with a pretty evergreen bush with small, white, scented flowers from Dec-Apr. Very nice!

And today we managed to get 1/2 round of golf in. It started sunny but soon got too cold and windy for a full round. But thanks to the cut short golf I managed to get time to cook a sunday roast. This week a very pretty lamb shoulder, deboned and tied into kind of a flower shape by mr butcher.

I cooked it on the hob in a pot, having browned it off in a separate pan I put in in the pot then fried some onion/garlic/cloves/sage/rosemary in the pan and deglaced ith with port and poured over the lamb. In the pot also went a liter of chicken stock so that the liquid level went up to 1/2 the lamb and I grated some lemon zest on top of the lamb before putting the lid on and leaving it to cook. Cooked for about an hour til the meat was 65 degrees inside.
Very nice. Here is the recipe that I based my concoction on:

I am now using the liquid to make a soup, having added some spelt, carrots and turnip. Should make a lovely almost Scotch broth style soup. Warming and nourishing I am sure. Should cheer me up over next weeks lunches.


Barb said...

Sounds like you had a lovely weekend. Thought you did not like rosemary though? Or is that just on its own.

Broth sounds lovely.

Eva-L said...

Gud vad gott det låter. Och vad fint det blev ute!

Evova said...

I dont really like rosemary but feel guilty about not using it so use v small pinches!