Friday, 28 September 2007

House mouse

Its back. Sat in the sofa yesterday and saw it running across the floor, under the dining table and disappear under out chest of clothes to iron. The little bastard.

We thought he had moved out, on to more lucrative houses where people live who actually have some food at home. Last time JD spotted him he tried to catch him with a bowl, it did not succeed obviously.

Time for action, its serious now. While he is incredibly cute I do not want a mouse in my house. Or as my mom pointed out, as they breed quickly, an invasion of mice... So I googled for a solution and it turns out the council provides a pest control anti mice attack for £47.50. Well worth it I think as we have been trying a number of different things for the last months to get rid of Mr Mouse.

We started with a humane trap, baited it with ham and then chocolate - did not work.

We then tried the electric plug thing that is supposed to scare the mice away with the noice - this did not work at all, the mouse didnt seem affected at all but strolled around happily on the bench next to it while it was on.

We then moved onto poison, got 4 boxes from Rentokil which were said to guarantee a mouse free home in 30 days or so. Well that obviously didnt work either.

So now we are going to contact the professional hit men to ask them to take over. Life is tough.


Barbara Avern said...

OMG, you poor thing. Do you know of anyone willing to lend you their cat? Thats what we did when we had a mouse invasion when I was young. I can ask my neighbour?

Deffo worth it to get the professionals in as there is obviously a nest somewhere, which they can plug up. Hope they come with big violin cases.

If nothing else, shall we kiddiecatnap my neighbours cat? One of them is in need of a good feed?


Barbara Avern said...

PS, and you may not like this ps. You will probably want your ladies that do, to disinfect where they have been as they pee constantly. Nice.

Barbara Avern said...

Ok. have figured out that the cats have their dinner around 5pm and only get fed once. If we kidnap them at about 4 then the mice will be toast by 6pm, and we can enjoy a large glass of red at 8?

Evova said...

like the ideas of borrowing the cats! tried to convince johanna to let me have hers (am sure they wouldnt mind being uprooted for a few weeks eh?) but am now thinking we'll just leave it to the professionals.

and yes the cleaner needs to go over the kitchen carefully...

fru A said...

såg höstens första hemma hos mamma och pappa härom helgen. hu. de är ju söta, men ändå liksom mest...äckliga!