Monday, 10 September 2007

Lamb sausage

I found an interesting spicy lamb sausage at Waitrose today. I bought it, cost me £0.15. One sausage please I said to the lady in the delicatessen and she didnt even hesitate, lots of little old people shop at Waitrose.

My dinner plans before I found the sausage was to do something with brown rice and veg. After lamb sausage it became a sausage tagine.

That sounds real fancy, it was just brown rice cooked with beef stock (no lamb stock in cupboard), chickpeas and cinnamon bark. Added (chopped) courgettes, onion and a centimeter of chili after 20 minutes and cooked for another 15. Just before serving stirred in some chopped parsley and dried apricots. V nice but I wish I had bough two sausages.


Barbara Avern said...

Ohh, dont normally like sausages, but that sounds lush. Waitrose eh, will defoo try it. you coming round for some brownies later?

Eva-L said...

Sounds lovely. Sausages, proper ones that is, are brilliant! I can't get British sausages obv. but I can get Latinamerican ones at Hötorgshallen. They're good too.
We're having fresh plaice tonight. With spinach and white rice (the kids will have white rice, I'll be having swedes (but baked in the oven with olive oil so that'll be yummy...) Did you go look at that house, btw?