Sunday, 9 September 2007


My toenails are red, dark red like a mix of blood and coffee. Looking great and well worth the £28 it cost me to have them done.

We decided to take a short break not too far away this weekend, so we went to Wickwoods. It was very civilized and lovely and quiet out there. Today there was a tennis tournament on there, we didnt take part but instead had a massage and pedicure.

The clientele was quite grown up, mainly couples, all between 40-70. All very nice and smug looking, I guess not only cause they were excersising but also cause they are members of a club and know the receptionist by name. One day that will be us and our friends. Apart from the fact that I cant play tennis. I guess I can learn.

It seems like most of the ladies using the beauty salon are housewifes as the beautician asked me what JD works with, rather than what I do. I would probably not be a good housewife as I am too prone to get stuck in front of the TV eating, and even if I had a country club membership I would never turn up as it would mean having to leave the sofa.

JD is building a 3D puzzel of the earth. He is learning geography as he goes along. I reccon if we joined a puzzel club the clientel would be smug differently to country club member smugness.

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fru A said...

but isn't that exactly what housewives are supposed to do..?

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