Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Pain is good

I was invited to Barb's for home made brownies yesterday but didnt make it, it was the first yoga night of the autumn so I was in Shoreham Free Church hall stretching. I am now in pain as I did both pump and yoga yesterday. I cannot walk down stairs, I cannot walk but sort of waddle, I cannot sit down at loo but have to throw myself backwards as I cant bend my legs (thigh muscles being sad after being abused by all the lunges).

Pain is good, means I have done something, right? I just hope its better tomorrow as I do look a bit like I have pooped my pants when walking.

Dinner tonight was a delightful chili con carne, cheaters version, with a can of baked beans mexican style. Followed by fresh figs, grilled with a bit of honey and cinnamon, served with Total 0%. Not bad. But I think they are nicer when filled with blue cheese and grilled, so will do that with the remaining tomorrow. (I got carried away with the reduced price and bought 8, but at least we will be regular for the coming few days, especially as plums were on sale as well.)


Eva-L said...

Figs and cheese! I have to find a good greengrocer. Maybe the ones in Skärholmen. They'd have figs don't you think?

Evova said...

Of course!

Barbara Avern said...

The chocolate brownie would have cured all post yoga pain, alas, its all gone, along with the raspberry sauce to accompany it. We as a family managed to polish off 1kg of brownies in two days. I need the yoga now! Figs sound deeeeelicious!

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