Monday, 24 September 2007

Work harder

Its Monday again, I feel like I say that a lot.

Am in London today, which means I sit in an open plan office in another building than normal and had to stand on the train for 45 min to get here. I am unlikely to see anything of the town apart from Victoria Station and the highlight of the day I am guessing to be that I had to buy a brolly at the station due to heavy down pour. It is a nice brolly, extra light. I know why its extra light as they seem to have made the diameter about 10 cm less than a normal brolly, which leads to a reduced effectiveness. But it is light.

I want a proper brolly, one of those in see through plastic that domes over you so you get properly covered from the rain. And being Monday and my working moral at its all time low I found a site to buy one from:

They also do matching childrens ones, for you fashion conscious parents out there.

Maybe I should also get a dog, as the dog umbrella is just smashing.


Eva-L said...

fantastic umbrellas! you have to get the girls one each for christmas, get the kittens or the super-useful lace ones...
i want the the dome one with black trim and my kids wants dinosaur and dolphin and you should get a doctor who brollie for yourself.too bad they didn't have that rabbit whatshername ones....
now I have to go see if they ship to Sweden

Evova said...

if they dont let me know and i can bring some home.

fru A said...

har letat efter sådana! och så kan H få ett litet! E-L hittade du nån sån info?

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