Wednesday, 3 October 2007


In theory I like autumn. I like not having to be outside because its sunny and feel like lying in bed half the day is sinful. I also like that its the season for red wine and stews. And I quite like getting back into proper clothes and shoes after a summer of sandals and linen.

But I have now for three weeks felt like I am sleep walking, ok I did have a cold last week and I have had too many american guests in the office. But I still dont think that explains my complete lack of motivation, general feeling of tiredness and exceedingly whingey mood.

Luckily I am only working for four days this week as my parents are here. And I have managed to get through three already, just one to go. So the question is how little can I do without it seeming obvious that I am a workshy skiver?


Eva-L said...

Light therapy! Get a white room!

Barbara Avern said...

You need some pampering treatments and a rare fillet steak to give you an iron boost. Fillet steak on the menu next week when you visit.

PS. Next doors cats delivered a dead mouse onto my doorstep. Maybe you could hang it up for your uninvited guest as a warning, just like Vlad the Impaler used to do?


Barbara Avern said...

I always found shuffling paper and sighing heavily to be a very effective way of looking busy. If you want a masterclass in looking busy but producing no effective results then just go to any branch of a well known bank and observe the people at the desks behind the counter.